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High Pressure Salesmen - Unreliable Companies - Cutting Corners

When I am out on my rounds surveying lofts for storage, I am often asked a series of questions about my company's ability to do a good job. Obviously, as we are very well set up, we have no problems answering these questions comfortably.

Sometimes, I can sense from the initial knock at the door to the walk upstairs to the loft hatch, that there is a bit of tension coming across from some customers.

Maybe slightly apprehensively, they are thinking "I am not going to be pressured into anything I don't want".

I can understand this feeling; it's what I call the PSS (Pushy Salesman Syndrome). Normally related to dodgy double glazing salesmen and the like. Quite a lot of people in the past have been put under pressure by a pushy salesman, or heard of the likes on TV shows like Cowboy Builders and Watch Dog.

To remedy this, I always reassure my potential customers that I do not employ salesmen or use a pushy forceful manner to sell my products and services, because my products and services really do sell themselves. I cover all the NorthWest surveys and quotes, and I tell customers that I am here to give advice and to listen to their requirements and try my best to fulfil them within their budget. In 95 percent of cases, we can give the customer what they want within the budget they have. Sometimes people want more but simply cannot afford to commit to it, so I am always happy to lower the storage area (square metres) to a size that they can afford.

It surprises me when I am told how unprofessional other companies are that have already been to quote, if they have turned up at all. They say thank you for turning up (always a good start if you really want work) and they say its good that we really do give actual quotes on a proper headed pad, not a piece of scrap paper or cigarette packet. One person said they had to use their camera phone to take a picture of the prices that were scribbled on the back of a receipt from a builders merchant. They also say we look professional, with our sign written vans, uniforms and all our credentials check out and the websites we run are all very informative.

We invest a lot in to our business and staff, with regular training, health and safety, product courses and making sure we conform to regulations as a business. Doing things right cost money, which some companies refuse to spend. Eventually they will fail to succeed.

I have been asked to reduce my prices on occasions, as it may have been a little over budget, but I have had to refuse. Purely on the basis that the quality and quantity of materials I use is far superior to other companies, and the only way we can reduce our prices is to cut corners and sacrifice something to do so. I will never cut corners just to compete for a few quid, it simply isn't worth it. I'd rather lose the job than be caught on Cowboy Builders!

This is why my company do regular training with the fitters, and I always mention that they should never cut corners or leave materials out simply to save some time. I would rather pay overtime so they do the job correctly.

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